The Future of Fertility Care

Welcome to mojo

We help people to have children by creating innovative AI and robotic technology in fertility care.

Every year, around 180m aspiring parents experience fertility issues. They then turn towards assisted reproductive technology (ART), which is expensive, inaccurate, slow and stressful. 75% of the time it ends in disappointment.

We’re working to change this. We develop innovative solutions to make ART more affordable, accurate and accessible.

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I believe that accessible, affordable fertility care is a basic human right. In its current state, fertility treatment is failing people. Too much pressure is placed upon women, and men are left out of the picture entirely. Our mission here at mojo is to help advance reproductive science. We have positioned AI and robotics at the centre of our solutions, completely transforming our understanding of fertility. Together, we can shape the future of fertility care and make having a baby accessible for all.

Mohamed Taha
Founder & CEO


We have made great progress over the past year, with the best still to come!


Fertility startup mojo wants to take the trial and error out of IVF

Read the recent TechCrunch interview with our co-founder Mohamed around the origin of mojo and our vision for the future of fertility care.

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The Story of Mojo and Fertility Technology

Listen to Mohamed’s recent podcast with James Somauroo, talking about his journey to entrepreneurship, his views on the current fertility care process and his vision to transform treatment to make it more accessible, affordable and accurate for those that need it.

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Tackling the male fertility crisis

Listen to the recent podcast where Mohamed and other fertility start ups talk about the issue around declining male fertility.

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