Who we are

Who we are

A new frontier in fertility care

We believe everyone should be able to have the family they want. We’re working towards make this a reality.

Our vision is to develop solutions that become the new ‘gold standard’ in fertility care and transforms success rates from 25% to 75%. Through AI and robotics, we’re making high quality treatment quicker, cheaper and more accurate. Our global male fertility data bank represents the first step towards precision medicine in fertility.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about creating the future of fertility care. We’re driven to develop technology that makes a positive difference in the field of reproductive science and in the lives of prospective parents.

  • Mohamed Taha

    Mohamed Taha

    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

    With a background in both science and engineering, Mohamed has insight into all aspects of mojo.

    Why mojo?

    “Growing up in Egypt, it was apparent that high quality healthcare was only accessible to the wealthy. When I experienced how expensive, as well as how underdeveloped and stigmatised male fertility care is, I knew I could create a solution. I made it my mission to use technology to democratise fertility care.”

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  • Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas

    Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

    An expert in electronic and computer engineering, Daniel developed our first prototype. He is at the centre of developing our transformative technology.

    Why mojo?

    “I have seen the despair of a family unable to have children first hand. No one should ever have to face questions of fertility. Having a baby should not just be a matter of luck.”

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  • Tobias Boecker

    Tobias Boecker

    Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer

    A healthcare consultant turned entrepreneur, Tobias combines the know-how necessary to bring mojo from an idea stage to deployed products in a clinical environment.

    Why mojo?

    “Shaping the future of human reproduction has the potential to positively affect the lives of millions of people worldwide, including my own.”

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  • Fanny Chesa

    Fanny Chesa

    Co-founder and Chief Design Officer

    Fanny’s experience in product design has won her awards. Her design vision drives mojo’s solutions.

    Why mojo?

    “I have always wanted to be a contributor to society, to ignite social change. I feel a responsibility to open up conversations of fertility in order to balance the male and female roles within it.”

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A male factor contributes up to 50% of all cases of infertility, but the causes are not always known. The manual method for semen analysis has been the gold standard test for decades, however it is a poor predictor of infertility. With the latest innovations in AI technology, the mojo pro platform aims to improve the accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of semen analysis and to capture details about sperm quality that may reveal specific pathologies that have so far remained elusive. Using this technology, we may improve our ability to diagnose male infertility.

Be a part of mojo

mojo empowers people by challenging current perceptions of fertility care. We use innovative technology on an individual level. mojo is defining the future of fertility care, and you can help to shape that future. If you would like to join the mojo team, follow the link below.

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